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1. Obligatory Alphabet Song

2. Blueberry Pie

3. This Land Is Your Land

4. Apartment Song

5. Paradise

6. Polly Wolly Doodle

7. Story about Your Mom and Your Dad

8. Three Little Birds

Bonus Track: Goodnight, Irene

Merry Christmas

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1. Hail Mary, Full of Grace

Cosa Angeles

Home Recordings


1. Sweep All the Roses

2. Artemis

3. Southbound

4. Bethlehem

5. Raise Your Glasses in Toast

6. Mendota

7. Hey Hey Hey

8. Last Trip to the City

Live at the Freight & Salvage

The Beggars Trail


1. Tie Your Rope

2. Runaway

3. Wintertime

4. Bethlehem

5. So Many Windows

6. Blue Umbrella

7. Kentucky

8. Banks of the Ohio (with Peter Grant)

9. Artemis

10. Motherlode

11. Scenes from a Desert

12. Watersong

13. Elegy for a One-headed Man

One Fine Ride

The Kingdom of Leisure


1. Feed the Glorious Mink

2. Princess Bridge

3. Ruins of Pagosa

4. Whe’re All the Kids in the Street?

5. I Like Smartbomb

6. Kentucky

7. Earl Flatt & Lester Scruggs

8. Tom’s Three Minute Single

9. ButterPump

10. BFP

11. The Greatest Story Ever Told

12. Come Drink the Wine

This Is the New America

The Kingdom of Leisure


1. Across the Bow

2. Blessedly Sin

3. Talkin’ ‘bout Oysters

4. Oy!ster Delhi Polka Parade

5. Dharmabub

6. Old Hobo’s Infected Foot

7. Vota Asi!

8. Obligatory Train Song

9. The Mountain Cry

10. Oceans

11. I’m Coming Home

12. Insult to Injury

"Double-u, backslash, space, smartbomb," chant Ty Hardaway and Rich Walkling in "I Like Smartbomb," one of 13 distinctively outlandish shuffles on the Kingdom of Leisure's second album, "One Fine Ride"...not exactly a traditional blues refrain, but the D.C. duo does keep one foot planted somewhere near the Delta. The band calls its music "tripgrass"...but it's actually a languidly weirded-out version of the blues.

The doors to the Kingdom are not wide open. Strangers will encounter private jokes and willful indulgences. Still the band achieves an engaging groove.

Whatever songs like "Princess Bridge" and "ButterPump" are about, they slip-slide along with eccentric aplomb.

-Washington Post

Live near the Freight & Salvage

Bruised Orange


1. Tie Your Rope

2. Sweep All the Roses

3. Runaway

4. Old Friend

5. Artemis

6. My Oh My

7. So Many Windows

8. Hey Hey Hey

9. Hasten Slowly

10. Talkin’ ‘bout Oysters

11. The Ballad of John and Alberto

12. Last Trip to the City

13. Watersong

Jazzy, low-tech, lo-fi wizardry.

-Billboard Magazine

Deconstruction : Reconstruction (Volume 1)



1. It’s Better this Way

2. Jack(et)pot

3. The River Never Tasted So Good

4.Monkey Man/Donkey Dance

5. Hi-Ti

6. We’re a Band

rpwalk [at] hotmail [dot] com

dpep - The Songs of Daniel Paige and Dick Pinney

Dickie Powell and Dirk “T.Y.” Pattington


1. For a While

2. Road, Coast

3. It’s Your Old Town

4. Old Friend

5. Motherlode

It is through this black hole that the West will disappear into the singularity of catastrophe, only to reemerge, on the other side, with streams full of salmon and plains black with bison.

-Mike Davis

El Vado

Home Recordings


1. Boomdigga

2  Oakland State Song

3. Las Calaveras

4. Autumn: Arc of a Dead Bird Falling

  1. 5.New Mexico State Song

  2. 6.The Widowmaker

  3. 7.After the Pacheco Street Carnival

bonus tracks

Stinger 16 (earlier version of Las Calaveras)

Las Calaveras (remix) by Ty Hardaway

This opportunity to invent oneself, to enter into the new America as a fiction is what the West offered, and what its rootless amnesiac open spaces and society offer still: the self-made man as an artistic rather than merely economic possibility.

-Rebecca Solnit